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The staff of Hillside Animal Hospital believes it is impossible for a caring and thriving veterinary practice to exist in isolation from the community it serves. We all live in and around La Crosse, Wisconsin, and take great pride in the vibrancy of our communities. Without our friends and neighbors we simply would not be what we are today.

Community InvolvementFor these reasons we enjoy being a good neighbor and take every opportunity to help strengthen this place that we call home. For example, in 2015 Hillside Animal Hospital donated $18,006.00 worth of patient care and money through our support for the Coulee Region Humane Society.

The WAFER Pet Food Drive

Each year from November through mid-December, Hillside Animal Hospital sponsors a pet food drive for WAFER, our local food pantry. All the pet food that is collected directly benefits pets and their families in our community. In past years this cause has helped pull together thousands of pounds worth of pet food; this year our goal is collect 3,800 pounds for delivery to local families by the arrival of the holidays. Read more about how you can help here.

Hillside Animal Hospital takes great joy in helping out our area's Special Olympics by "Freezin for a Reason." We participated in the Polar Plunge on Saturday, March 3rd; it was our fifth year plunging, and a huge success. We had six plungers that raised $1,300 in donations for the Special Olympics.

Sharing our knowledge of animal care is another part of how we support our community. Each year we have several daycare and pre-school groups come and tour our facility to learn about pet care and pet safety.

Community InvolvementMore than 10 years ago we adopted a two-mile stretch of highway that runs in front of our clinic. Biannually, our staff takes a few hours to ensure that this stretch of highway is clean and tidy for the Highway Department.

Community Involvement

What is "Harry's Helping Hands"?

Harry’s Helping Hands is a fund started in 1998 by the Hillside Animal Hospital staff. Its purpose is to provide emergency funds for clients who, due to special circumstances, need assistance providing healthcare for their pets.

This fund is named for Harry, Hillside's resident canine and unofficial greeter for many years. Harry’s gentle and friendly nature as he welcomed pets and their humans to the hospital was always heartwarming.

The hospital staff organizes regular fund-raising events such as dog washes, rummage sales and holiday ornaments so that "Harry's Helpers" can continue their work.

While these are just a few examples of all that we do, Hillside Animal Hospital is very proud of our contributions—both in volunteer hours and financial—to the people and pets of La Crosse.

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